Asinine? Maybe. Florida

So many things have happened, but at the same time it feels as if nothing has happened at all.

So I admit, a lot of the decisions I’ve been making lately have not been s great. My priorities are mixed up. I’m not trying to hurt anyone and it sucks that this keeps happening. I could tell in her voice that she was hurt and I know that when we talk later its not going to be good. But I hope she knows that I love her and I really wanted to be there for her. If I knew that my first decision would have led to me missing out on something so big, I wouldn’t have made it. But I’m still learning and trying to grow, like everyone else. I just hope I don’t lose my family in the process.

i got  ajob…is this adulting that im doing?

// Being in a relationship is weird.//

a good weird though.

// I’m sad. Not as sad as I was yesterday, definitely not as sad as the day before yesterday, but sad all the same.//

There are moments of not sad in between though. But what is kind of nice to think about -knowing this sort of makes me feel better- is that one day this will be one of the moments of sadness in between all the happiness.

That is a really comforting thought. At some point in the future, this will be a distant memory.

This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang
but a whimper
T.S. Eliot
I’ll let you be in my dreams
if I can be in yours
Bob Dylan

// Life Tip # 11//

Sometimes the best part of love isn’t receiving it, but giving it. Without hesitation or regret, knowing that at least for a moment you made someone’s life a little brighter.

// Remember that one time I said I wanted someone to tell me I was luminescent? Well I do!//

I freaked out because I realized the other day that it happened; he told me I was glowing! Is it silly that that tiny thing made me reall happy?

// Life Tip #10//

We choose what to believe, so choose to believe you can do whatever it takes whenever necessary.

My thoughts about things.